Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fish and Chips

This is the easiest, healthiest and also most shortcut way I make fish and chips. The thing to note: use the oven, never deep fry. Deep frying is unhealthy, and clean up is a real pain. The oven is probably even more versatile than the microwave oven!

Total time of preparation: 20 minutes

Total cost: US$4

Ingredients (to serve 1-2 people):
10-20 standard frozen fish fingers
generous amount of frozen fries

1) pre-heat oven to 425F
2) on a piece of normal aluminum foil, place fries evenly across it
3) when oven is heated, put fries in oven for 5 minutes
4) take fries out at 5 minutes, put the fish fingers on the foil too
5) bake for another 15 minutes

Fish and chips. Serve with lemon juice over it for a quick dinner.


  1. you should coat a thin layer of oil over the fries to make it crispy, otherwise it's just dry and yucky.

  2. yeee i prefer without. but yes the oil will make it crispy.